About our Products


Soulevé Original Style Artwork


Our Soulevé (pronounced sue-la-văh) artworks replicate the texture of original artwork that is such an essential ingredient of high quality art. Brushwork is one of the most important elements of any painted artwork.  Brushstrokes quite literally convey the feeling the artist is trying to share.  Our Soulevé original style artworks are created by extracting the textural detail from the image and the using layers of UV cured acrylic ink to recreate every detail.  


Color and texture are the two most important ingredients of painting and you cannot produce a high quality without both.  Our reproduction techniques also include the widest color gamut available.  We have double the number of base color inks that are found in many discount giclée print shops.


Fine Art Trade Guild ArtSureTM Print Quality Standards


All of our prints are produced according to the rigorous standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild’s ArtSureTM accreditation standards.


Digital inkjet printing has made it easier for people with little understanding of print quality, longevity issues and color values to produce what look like fine art prints. Prints produced according to the standards of the Fine Arts Guild ArtSureTM program assure the buyer that the lightfastness and quality of the ink and substrate meet the exacting standards

  • Lightfastness on all areas of the print must measure 6 or higher on the Blue Wool Scale/
  • The pH value for substrate must be between 7-9.
  • The weight of the substrate must be a minimum of 250gsm.
  • All materials used in the creation of the print must be approved under the testing standards of the UKAS Laboratory or international equivalent.


Paper Prints


Printing on paper is the time-tested and traditional way of displaying a photograph. A photograph on paper has certain expected aesthetics and is a medium understood and appreciated by many. Traditional-medium artwork such as paintings have found success with paper prints, though it has generally been limited to posters and pre-framed prints.  When the paper is matted and framed a dramatic effect can be achieved and the historical success of paper prints such as these speak to this point.


Advantages of Paper

  • Traditional look and feel of photo
  • More detail can be achieved for photographs when printed
  • Frames add a decorative accent that can be matched to current decor
  • Black and white prints are stunning on high quality paper


Disadvantages of Paper

  • Images do not fill the size of the paper; generally there is a 3-5 inch border of blank paper around the image
  • Prints will reflect sunlight and cause glare
  • Traditional medium artwork (such as paintings on canvas) loses fine details and texturization seen in the original
  • Frames can get expensive as the print size increases



Canvas Wrap Prints


Gallery wrapped canvas prints offer a stylish alternative to traditional framing.  A gallery wrapped canvas giclée is a canvas print that has been stretched over stretcher bars so that the sides will either be a continuation of the image or a solid color. Digital photos printed on canvas and then gallery wrapped have a vibrant 3-D feel and have the look of a piece of work taken straight from a gallery or museum.   Custom designed stretcher bars prevent compression marks and creases during handling and shipping. Sizes 24″x 30″ and larger should also have a brace bar support.  Canvas prints also give the owner many framing options such as standard frames for non-stretched prints, custom-built standard frames for mounted, and floating frames which can give added aesthetics to the print.


Some Important Advantages of Canvas Prints:

  • Canvas does not produce any glare or reflections
  • Gallery wraps allow for the largest image size with no mats or borders
  • Canvas wrap prints weigh much less that framed prints
  • Frameless presentation tends to draw the viewer into the picture
  • Canvas wrapped prints have the texture of real paintings
  • Canvas prints are more resistant to humid environments such as bathrooms
  • Absence of a frame makes it easier for artwork to blend in with surrounding decor
  • Gallery wrap prints can be produced as diptych or triptych multi-panel  installations


Disadvantages to Canvas Prints

  • The texture of canvas must be considered along with the image being printed; it can be distracting to original image
  • You cannot change the image like a paper print inside of a frame; once stretched and mounted it is permanent.




Art Imagery: Our art comes directly by our exclusive artists or is licensed per order from Shutterstock giving us with access to over 40 million images from more than 100,000 artists around the globe.


Inks: We use UltraChrome GS3 HD inks, which have a wide & rich color gamut range. This allows us to match the exact color fidelity of the original artwork. The inks are sprayed upon canvas, hence the “giclee application,” with extreme detail and vibrancy, thus creating a stunningly sharp image. Tested by Wilhelm Research, these lightfast, archival inks are designed to last 100+ years. In giclee printing, when an ink is called lightfast, it means it can withstand exposure to direct sun light and resist fading.


Canvas: Our canvas is supplied by Breathing Color, the top canvas manufacturer in the world. The canvas has a built in coating which makes it moisture, UV protected and abrasion resistant. Your print can hang in direct sunlight and will remain fade resistant and as beautiful as it was the day it was printed. The canvas is durable enough to withstand cleaning by taking a damp cloth to the surface to remove dust.


Wood: The wood used to create the stretcher bars for your prints are made from poplar trees, which have extreme strength and stability. The grain in poplar wood is straight and fine making it manipulable for uniform cuts when building any custom size stretcher bars.


Printing:  We utilize Epson SureColor S80600, P10000 and 9900 series printers to create your heirloom, museum quality canvas prints.  We have the capacity to print works of art up to 54″ by 120″.


Pack and Ship


Packaging: The finished product is a ready-to-hang canvas print which is packaged carefully to ensure safe travels. The prints are packed inside clear poly bags, with bubble wrap corners, and placed cozy between soft padding inside sturdy custom-cut cardboard boxes. Inside each box, we have also included a handy information sheet about taking care of your canvas prints.


Shipping: We ship FedEx ground for print sizes 40 x 65 and under. For print size above 40 x 65 we ship Freight. For orders shipped internationally we ship through the DHL carrier.


Processing Time: From the time we receive your order, our processing time is 5 to 10 business days before your print leaves our facility. If you request the print to be shipped out at a certain date which falls before 12 business days, a rush fee may be applied to the job.


Tracking: Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email notification with a tracking number for your package.


Ship Time: Shipping anywhere along the east coast will take approximately 2 business days. Shipping to the west coast will take approximately 5 business days. Shipping to a central state can range anywhere between 2 to 5 business days. You can also request to expedite shipping with an overnight option, or 2 day option at a higher shipping rate.