Expressionist Art

Expressionism art prints to complete your home decor design project. Browse through a gallery of expressionism canvas or paper prints. Expressionism is described as an attempt to represent the psyche, or inner spirit, and its emotions.  It emerged as a response to the increasing industrialism of the early 1900’s, inspired, perhaps, by the earlier emergence of psychoanalysis in the late 1800s.  According to an interview published in the Italian magazine Contemporary, Italian writer Alberto Nino Arbasin described Expressionism as much like Baroque except “expressionism doesn’t shun the violently unpleasant effect, while Baroque does. Expressionism throws some terrific ‘fuck yous’, Baroque doesn’t. Baroque is well-mannered.” (Contemporary:On the Cherry Tree. Conversing literature and cinema with Alberto Arbasino)

Garden with flowers, oil painting on canvas, artistic background Forest landscape with stones, oil painting                               Oil painting still life with  flowers in a vase in bright colors in impressionist style On Canvas  bright colorful background, fragment of painting in the style of impressionism Bright flowers. A fragment of the picture. Bright colorful background. abstract background texture blurred chaotic brush strokes stylized watercolor paint abstract background texture blurred chaotic brush strokes stylized watercolor paint abstract grunge background from color chaotic blurred spots brush strokes of different sizes Old European town street hand drawn watercolor illustration. Ancient architecture aquarelle painting with illegible scribbles. Person silhouette on empty road with arc passage in background Urban architecture watercolor hand drawn illustration. Colorful buildings facades abstract drawing. Megapolis cityscape, people on street aquarelle painting with illegible handwritten inscriptions Colorful cock or rooster painting in floral background for website,book covers,advertising,card,greeting card,decoration,romantic sign and various uses clip art village at night in abstract-cubist-impressionist style with bright windows and moony sky Cubist cityscape painting modern abstract design Cubist surrealism musician  painting modern abstract design Big colorful mountain stones, nature scene painting for website and desktop,textile and fabric print,decorative wallpaper,book cover,card,advertising and various purposes Geometric Abstract. Modern digital art. 3D rendering GERMANY - CIRCA 1974: a postage stamp printed in Germany showing an old farmer. Text: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Green hills and sun. Painting in Van Gogh style. Stylized landscape. Impressionistic background. Hand Painted fields and fantastic sky with stars. Creative design. expressionist design of a shouting worried man expressionist scene african girl with sunflowers impressionist portrait of bearded redhead man Oil painting classic palette with lots of colors Wheat Field with Cypresses, by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, Dutch Post-Impressionist, oil on canvas. This was his first version and was likely painted en plein air, when Van Gogh was able to leave the prec A grungy monochrome painting; white on black. Face 10. Original acrylic painting on canvas. JEANNE HEBUTERNE, by Amedeo Modigliani, 1919, Italian modernist painting, oil on canvas. Hebuterne, the artists 21 year old mistress, was pregnant with their second child. This portrait is painted wit Cubist surrealism musician  painting modern abstract design Cubist surrealism musician  painting modern abstract design THE RHINE AT DUISBURG, by Paul Klee, 1937, Swiss painting, oil and charcoal on cardboard. Abstract cityscape with river, painted with childlike symbols for waves on the water and the linear geometry o Face 6. Original acrylic painting on canvas. ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS, by Paul Klee, 1934, Swiss painting, oil on canvas. Abstract human head made up of geometric planes of white, gray, and black and three horizontal lines for eyes and mouth. It was Abstract expressionism seamless pattern. style of drip painting. Vector Illustration Ultramarine blue watercolor wallpaper. Hand drawn paintbrush swabs raster illustration. Vintage expressionist painting. Aquarelle brush strokes, touches, drops and spots drawing background. Original acrylic abstract painting in blues and white representing movement of waves. Painted by the photographer. A hard-edged geometric abstract painting, suggestive of a marine theme. Cubist surrealism figure  painting modern abstract design An abstract geometric painting with vertical strips of color and a diagonal Cubist surrealism musician  painting modern abstract design an abstract painting MUNICIPAL JEWEL, by Paul Klee, 1917, Swiss drawing, watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper. Using intense colors inspired by his 1914 trip to Tunisia, Klees abstract flat planes of color suggest v Gorgeous Original Painting of Colorful Abstract Suns Mixed media collage painting of vines and vine leaves Textured abstract expressionist acrylic painting Abstract expressionist painting an abstract painting abstract expressionist brush stroke painting art