Fauvist Art

Fauvist art on canvas or fine-art paper prints. This colorful art is sure to make a statement on your wall! Whether it an art print for above the sofa or for above the bed, this gallery is filled with many options of fauvist artwork wall decor. Fauvism, meaning “wild beast” in French, originated in France early in the 20th century and is best symbolized by the work of Henri Matisse.  The painting style is sometimes referred to as “savage” and according to the editors at Artsy, it represented an ‘assaualt on the sytlistic conventions” of the time. (Artsy: What is Fauvism)  Vlaminck, another influential artist of the Fauvism style, is noted for squeezing paint straight from the tube to the canvas creating bold streaks of pure color.  It is perhaps the attention to color that best characterizes the movements contribution to the works that followed.

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