Renaissance Art

Classical art prints on canvas or paper. Framing optional to match the traditional look of Renaissance paintings. Renaissance art refers to art created during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries in Europe.  The transition from the middle ages to modernity took place during this time as the power of the Church declined and new freedoms emerged the economy of much of Europe flourished.  That prosperity of the times can be seen reflected in much of the art and architecture of the period, notably the grandiose frescoes of Michelangelo and Raphael.


The period also saw great advances in scientific thought and no better exemplifies the period  than Leonardo da Vinci, often referred to as the true Renaissance Man. da Vinci made important contributions in many different fields but he is best known as a painter.  His painting Salvator Mundi was painted using oil paints that were just emerging at the time.  Selling for $450 million in 2017, it is the highest priced painting ever sold. (Euronews:World’s Most Expensive Paintings)

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Set of 8 vector paintings, flat minimalism. Inspired by Dali, da Vinci, Botticelli, Hokusai, Munch, Van Gogh, Vermeer and Klimt. The Creation of Adam. Digital sketch reproduction from a section of Michelangelo's fresco Sistine Chapel ceiling. Tower of Babel (Babylon), a famous painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder created in 1563. handsome man in a Royal red doublet. Young man, portrait in Renaissance style paintings Smartphone screen touch, fingerprint recognition, concept. A funny remake of the creation of Adam, technology and modernity in the style of Renaissance paintings Funny illustration from 3d rendering of Michelangelo's David classical head sculpture blowing a pink chewing gum bubble on blue starry sky impressionist style digital painted background. Landsknecht and venetian noblewoman (Renaissance) / vintage illustration from Meyers Konversations-Lexikon 1897 Hands going to touch together, look like the Michelangelo's art work. Cyberpunk and vaporwave style art collage. PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG MAN, by Bronzino, 1530s, Italian Renaissance painting, oil on wood. The sitter is thought to be one of Bronzinos literary friends in Florence. There are carved grotesque heads on t Mona Lisa stylized portrait ASCII art original version. Code. Vector illustration. Catherine de Medici queen of France and John of Austria (Renaissance) / vintage illustration from Meyers Konversations-Lexikon 1897 COSINO I DE\x90 MEDICI, by Workshop of Bronzino, 1550_74, Italian Renaissance painting, oil on wood. Cosimo ascended to power when, the Duke of Florence, Alessandro de Medici, was assassinated in 1537 Illustration Mona Lisa or La Gioconda makes selfie cartoon gold and oil painting on canvas , fantasy woman portrait UNICORN , by Arthur B. Davies, 1906, American painting, oil on canvas. Recalling works of the early Italian Renaissance, this ethereal mythological scene is Davies most famous work. In spite of his co THE ANNUNCIATION, by Joos van Cleve, 1525, Netherlandish, Northern Renaissance oil painting. The Angel Gabriel and Virgin Mary within an elaborately furnished interior. The figures are painted with gr Florence Italy watercolor painting illustration with hand lettering inscription for traveling FLORENTINE POET, by Alexandre Cabanel, 1861, French painting, oil on wood. The artist made at least 4 replicas of this popular historical scene. The speaker on left, who bears resemblance to portraits Musical still life in the Renaissance style with lute

azey-le-redeau  castle  - artwork in painting style