Erotic Art

Erotic art prints for decorating the walls of your home. Get artsy and brave and select an erotic print from this collection. Erotic art, according to Professor of Philosophy Matthew Kieran,  “is art that is made with the intention to stimulate its target audience sexually, and that succeeds to some extent in doing so.”  However, modern aesthetics has cast a long shadow into the 20th and even the 21st century, and the idea that the aesthetic and the erotic are fundamentally incompatible has proved to be very influential throughout.  Nietzsche’, citing George Bernard Shaw’s famous play, Pygmalion, noted that “all art works tonically, increases strength, inflames desire.”  Excerpted from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Two elegant vector models posing. Girl with the roses vector set of hand drawn portraits with pretty girls hand drawing - the vintage theme: ancient Roman and Turkish bath (intimate world of women - a bitmap image) painting, illustration, art nude, young woman Wow girl. Young woman in underwear. A hand drawn illustration - vector is editable in four layers. VECTOR 
stylish  original hand-drawn graphics portrait  with beautiful young attractive girl model for design. Fashion, style,    beauty . Graphic, sketch drawing. Sexy  woman
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