Independent Artists Marketplace Royalty Rates and Affiliate Commissions

Our royalty rates are 15% of the amount collected from the sale of any independent artist contributor’s artwork exclusive of tax and shipping fees.


Contributing artists may also earn an additional 5% commission from affiliate sales to customers they refer to our website via participation in our affiliate program.

Independent artists who list their artwork with us have the option of also signing up as an affiliate.  When you sign up as an affiliate you will get an custom link to our site containing your unique affiliate ID.  If a visitor comes to our site from your affiliate link and signs up with us then any purchases of any product from our site within the following year will earn you a 5% affiliate commission.

If a visitor comes to our site from your affiliate link but does not sign up then we will attempt to set a cookie in their web browser containing your affiliate ID.  If that visitor returns to site within 30 days and makes a purchase and if we can detect your affiliate ID cookie then you will receive a 5% affiliate commission on such sales.