Shutterstock & Wall Décor Galore

Shutterstock and Wall Décor Galore

Wall Decor Galore and Shutterstock Announce Partnership for Wall Art Decor

We’re coming up on the 3rd anniversary of launch of our partnership with Shutterstock so we thought it would be a good time to recap how and why we chose to partner with Shutterstock and how that partnership works.

Wall Décor Galore, originally founded as The Canvas Art Gallery, was the product of a long history of expert craftsmanship in art reproduction working directly for artists.  The quality of giclée printing had advanced to level that artists were comfortable with the artistic integrity of reproduction that could be achieved by attentive, expert printers and assemblers.  We knew that there was a vast world of talented artists who didn’t have the time, resources or desire to manage their own print production and distribution logistics.  And, of course we also knew that there was an eager audience of art lovers always on the lookout for new and exciting art that could help to define and express their own sense of style.

We wanted to bring consumers both the experience and expertise of fine art reproduction and the breadth and depth of a vast selection of art where they could be confident that getting both the best art and the best reproduction.  Shutterstock, with its unmatched contributor base of more than 1 million artists and its inventory of more than 300 million images was the perfect partner to help us achieve our goal marrying great art with superb reproduction where our shoppers could be assured both the best selection of art and the highest quality reproduction.

We are proud of the fact that we pay a higher than average royalty on the artwork used in our products.  We are always looking for new ways to help aspiring artists reach art loving shoppers who are searching for just the right print.